For Each Javascript Code Example

Snippet 1
  var items = ["item1", "item2", "item3"]
var copie = [];

Snippet 2
  const fruits = ['mango', 'papaya', 'pineapple', 'apple'];

// Iterate over fruits below

// Normal way
  console.log('I want to eat a ' + fruit)
Snippet 3
  let words = ['one', 'two', 'three', 'four'];
words.forEach((word) => {
// one
// two
// three
// four 
Snippet 4
  let listeDePays = ['France', 'Belgique', 'Japon', 'Maroc'];
listeDePays.forEach(pays => console.log(pays)); 
Snippet 5
  const movies = [
{name: "A New Hope", director: "George Lucas", release: "1977-05-25", episodeID: 4},
{name: "Attack of the Clones", director: "George Lucas", release: "2002-05-16", episodeID: 2},
{name: "Return of the Jedi", director: "Richard Marquand", release: "1983-05-25", episodeID: 6},
{name: "Revenge of the Sith", director: "George Lucas", release: "2005-05-19", episodeID: 3},
{name: "The Empire Strikes Back", director: "Irvin Kershner", release: "1980-05-17", episodeID: 5},
{name: "The Phantom Menace", director: "George Lucas", release: "1999-05-19", episodeID: 1}     
movies.forEach((movies) => {
/*A New Hope
Attack of the Clones
Return of the Jedi
Revenge of the Sith
The Empire Strikes Back
The Phantom Menace*/ 
Snippet 6
  let numbers = ['one', 'two', 'three', 'four'];

numbers.forEach((num) => {
});  // one   //two //three // four

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