How To Round A Number Javascript Code Example

Snippet 1
  //There are meny ways of rounding...
Math.floor(5.5) //Answer 5, it alwas rounds down.
Math.round(5.5) //Answer 6, it simpily rounds to the closest whole number.
Math.ceil(5.5) //Answer 6, it alwas rounds up.

//You can do more things too...
Math.floor(5.57 * 10) / 10 //Answer 5.5, the number turns into 55.7, Then gets floored (55.0), Then gets divied, (5.5) 
Snippet 2
  //rounds a number  to the nearest integer
Math.round(2.6); // 3
Math.round(2.49); //2
Math.round(2.5); //3 

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