Simpledateformat Example Java Code Example

Snippet 1
  String pattern = "yyyy-MM-dd";
SimpleDateFormat simpleDateFormat = new SimpleDateFormat(pattern);

Date date = simpleDateFormat.parse("2018-09-09");
Snippet 2
  Locale locale = new Locale("en", "UK");
DateFormatSymbols dateFormatSymbols = new DateFormatSymbols(locale);
dateFormatSymbols.setWeekdays(new String[]{
        "Sad Sunday",
        "Manic Monday",
        "Thriving Tuesday",
        "Wet Wednesday",
        "Total Thursday",
        "Fat Friday",
        "Super Saturday",

String pattern = "EEEEE MMMMM yyyy";
SimpleDateFormat simpleDateFormat =
        new SimpleDateFormat(pattern, dateFormatSymbols);

String date = simpleDateFormat.format(new Date());

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